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Providing Quality Health & Life Insurance for Wisconsin & Michigan Residents. We Specialize in Working with the Self-Employed, Individuals, and Families.

Whether it's life, health, or long term care, nobody likes to purchase insurance. Unfortunately, you never know when the unthinkable is going to happen. Should the occasion arise, you need to have the best coverage that your budget will allow, so you can take care of yourself, spouse, children or parents.

At Little Village Insurance, we pride ourselves in working with the customer to find the best solution to your needs. We work closely with every major health & life insurance carrier available in the states of Wisconsin and Michigan to provide you with coverage that fits your needs and budget. After all, the best policy in the world can't help you if you can't afford it!

So let our experienced staff help you find the coverage that is best for YOU! We can eliminate the guess work and save you time by shopping your coverage with numerous companies. After all, do you really have the time to talk to and sit down with 6 or 7 different agents and try to figure out which plan is best?

So take a few minutes and fill out our online quote form and you will receive your quote within 24 hours.

We are confident that we can find the best possible coverage available to you at the lowest possible prices. We provide Non-biased quotes from the highest rated insurance companies in the nation. Let us save you valuable time by shopping for you!


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We will shop over 30+ highly rated companies for the best rates based on your health.

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